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Whether you’re wearing them or eating them, buns are a delicious treat. They can polish a look while adding a simple touch of femininity. No matter if it’s tightly coiled or messy, buns are a go-to hairstyle for every season. One of fall’s prettiest trends is the elegant sock bun, sported by this week’s Fashionista.

Her golden locks are pulled back into a semi-loose sock bun created with a hair donut from H&M. The hairstyle adds a sweet, whimsical feel to her overall casual autumn ensemble. Compared to more severe, tight sock buns, this bun offers a laidback feel that exudes femininity. She complements the bun’s feminine vibe with her glossy rose lips and cheeks that appear to be kissed by the fall breeze. To counter the feminine aspects, she wears distressed lace-up combat boots with a zipper in the back for an edgy punch. The rest of her outfit is comprised of neutrals including a sheer lace three-quarter-sleeve top and classic black jeans. Her bold, gold ball earrings reflect the warm, autumn hues and help complete her look, which is more delicious than a glazed honey bun.

Sock buns are easy to do and don’t require a lot of hair products—all you need are hair elastics, some bobby pins and either a sock or hair donut. The first step is pulling your hair back into a ponytail and securing it with a hair elastic. A high pony will result in a more polished, ballerina look compared to a lower one. Next, if you’re using a hair donut pull your hair through the middle, separate your hair around the donut in order to cover it and secure with an additional hair elastic. Finally, take the ends of your strands and wrap them around the base of the bun using bobby pins. If you’re using a sock, cut the toe off a tube sock and stuff the end of the sock into the hole to create a donut. Pull the top part of your pony through the donut and roll it to the base of your pony, making sure your hair is covering it as you go.

Embrace the sock bun this fall—perhaps while indulging in a warm gooey cinnamon bun.


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