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The beautiful, warm and relaxing summertime is arguably the best time of the year. While we aren’t quite there yet, we still have a few classes, a couple tests and end of school frivolities, this CollegeFashionista’s blonde, beachy hair takes me straight from school mode and into summer, despite the not-so-summery weather we’ve been having.

Summertime tans and beach blonde hair are certainly trademarks of a summer in the movies or in, say, southern California. And growing up in California, that stereotype has become normal to me. So, of course, when I see a beautiful blonde Fashionista near the summer time, I can’t help but get into summer mode.

If you’re not a natural blonde, and you have super dark hair, don’t try the at-home treatments. Trust me, I did when I was younger and ended up with a weird, uneven halo of orange hair two inches from my scalp. My hair didn't recover until the end of high school. If you are a darker-haired Fashionista and want to go light, go to the salon and have it professionally done. Bleaching is a long and difficult process, and the professionals will know how to best do it.

If you have naturally fair or blonde hair, then getting something a little blonder is super easy. You could go with the age-old trick of lemons in the hair, you could use a blonding spray or you could do some highlights yourself at home.

If you decide on an option that involves laying in the sun (and who wouldn’t want to work on their tan and hair all at once?), the best thing to do is french braid your hair into one or two braids, depending on hair thickness, and squeeze the lemon or blonding spray over the braids. This will give you a very natural, beachy look that is perfect for the summer.

If you choose to do some at-home highlights, I recommend just following the instructions on the box. I didn’t, and look how that turned out. I would say, though, to not simply do even streaks all over your head, unless you want to look like a skunk. Mix up the size and placement, or just have the salon do it.

In any case, your blonde, or blonder, hair will be ready for summer.


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