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All About Beauty

It’s almost December and Southern California is finally giving in and cooling down; no more shorts and crop-tops here! With the clouds rolling in, the best of UCI’s Fashionistas have started bundling up in their oversize Cosby sweaters, roughed-up boots and, more specifically, knit hats. Every year as we near the end of fall quarter, it seems as if all of Irvine reaches within the depths of their closets, dusts off their beanies and trapper hats and dons them all winter long; if you’re not wearing a hat, then don’t bother coming back. It thus struck me as a surprise when I spotted this Fashionista weaving among the beanie-wearers of the school with—plot twist—a clingy velvet headband to keep her warm.

And what a difference that made. Though she, like many of the well-dressed students here, was prepared for the chilly weather in a simple crew neck, jeans and Steve Madden boots, our Fashionista’s choice of headgear proved to be the standout statement accessory. When I saw the rich red velvet bobbing amongst the sea of earth-tone knits and furs, I could only stare and ask myself why I hadn’t thought of fall headbands first. Headbands are a great alternative to the beanie and trapper hat for one specific reason: they don’t give you hat hair. Simply slip one over your head and cover your ears in the fall fashion, and you won’t need to worry about flyaways or fuzzy hair. Straighten your hair to attain this Fashionista’s sleek look under the headband.

Obviously, velvet is the texture of the season. While other fabrics like the usual cotton or sequin are cute, they’re more appropriate for the lightness that comes with spring and summer. You’ll need tough (yet ladylike) materials like velvet or wool to brave the elements. There’s something about velvet that boasts of comfort and sophistication that I love. I personally like the red velvet best because it’s such a flashy hue toned down by a rich texture that can really be paired well with anything, whether it be a casual rainy-weather outfit like this Fashionista’s or a paint-the-city-red getup. The next time you’re feeling a head cold coming on, ditch the hat and snag a headband.


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