ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: Putting your Best Cheeks Forward

All About Beauty

I love prints especially when they are mixed, from floral to polka dots to stripes and everything in-between. This Fashionista is always on my radar because there are no rules to her style, and today is no exception. Today she wore boyfriend camouflage pants, a floral top with a burgundy cardigan on top. Even though these prints are polar opposite the solid cardigan on top in a way gives this ensemble some unity. Plus the hues of each part of her outfit aren't overpowering so it's easy on the eye. Her finishing touches were Timberland boots and subtle gold accessories.

What I really admired about this Fashionista other than her courteous style is her flawless skin and dominate cheek bones. I'm so envious. Flawless skin can be achieved by the proper skin care products but cheek bones that pop that way need more than a take home kit. Or does it? Making your cheek bones more prominent has been something make-up artist have been doing for years and now they are showing how-to's to Fashionista's on all the face defining tricks. It's all about contouring which is a make-up technique that defines an area on the face by creating a highlight and shadow. For a sculpted cheek all that is needed is bronzer, blending brush, contouring blush brush and a subtle highlighter, either a powder or cream. There are also palettes with all else elements in it. The bronzer used for cheeks should be a matte that is  about 2-3 shades darker than your natural skin tone. The bronzer  should be swept underneath cheek bone, from the top of the ear to the end of cheek bone or apples of cheek. If you have chubby cheeks like me take your finger and press against your cheek to find the line where your cheek bone is located or suck your cheeks in. The highlighter should be applied above the cheek bone, basically the area below the eyes. Harsh lines are a no go so make sure you blend, blend, blend your bronzer and highlight using the blending brush. You want to look like you have natural definition.

This contouring make-up technique is something I think every Fashionista who loves make-up should explore. You will surprised at the endless illusions that can be created on your face from this technique. It enhances the areas you want and hides the things you don't so it's the perfect mini make-over for the new year. So sit in front of a mirror, watch some how-to videos, and mimic. Practice makes perfect so don't give up if it takes a few trys.


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