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Putting together your daily outfits can be too much work. A tank-top, shorts and running shoes for your visit to the gym, a skirt and sandals (should be pants and boots since it’s almost December) for the day and a professional outfit for job interviews and internship information sessions. Too much for you? Definitely not for this week’s Fashionista!

Finding this Fashionista on campus was very refreshing. Her perfectly done makeup, natural curls and amazing striped blazer was perfect for a day on campus and work. Her shorts are not too short, not too long; they are just the right length! The blazer makes it extremely easy for her to go from casual to fashionably professional by simply switching her shorts to slacks or a pencil skirt and sandals to heels and she’s ready to go.

Having the perfect outfit for those professional occasions is not the only important thing. Every Fashionista needs to make sure that her makeup is impeccable. Keep in mind what type of people you will be meeting with; if they work for a company that’s known for being conservative, keep the makeup low-key. If it’s a Fashion related job/internship you are lucky to have the opportunity to have the freedom to go with a more daring look—try the smoky eye or maybe that bold-red lipstick. Regardless, keep in mind that makeup is as important as your outfit.

This Fashionista contoured her face with bronzer, lined her eyes with black eyeliner and added shimmery eye shadow over her eye-lids. Adding mousse to her hair kept her curls in place while roaming around campus from class lectures to meetings.

I completely understand the feeling of wanting to leave the house without putting together a cute outfit or even fixing your makeup (I declare myself guilty of doing so too), especially when having an 8 am class, but it is important to always try to look your best! You never know who you might run into. Maybe your style will be featured next on CollegeFashionista (wink wink)!


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