ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: Pretty Petals On A Cloudy Day

All About Beauty

Flowers may not be blooming as the leaves tumble to the ground, but nothing says they shouldn’t be seen outside of spring and summer. Wearing a flower in your hair is a subtle and feminine way to tie any look together.

This Fashionista beats the gray Syracuse weather with a simple, white flower barrette. She juxtaposes the flower’s innocence with her tough leather jacket, trimmed with a cozy collar to beat the lingering chill. Her lace-up boots complement the jacket’s edge and add to the casual feel of her outfit. Wearing classic black leggings and a charcoal gray sweatshirt, she exudes a laidback and comfortable vibe, perfect for the dreary day. To brighten her look she organically drapes a pale yellow scarf around her neck, a simple way to incorporate color. Her hair is pulled back into a relaxed pony, exposing her fresh face. By keeping her makeup natural she strengthens the feminine vibe and, combined with the flower, adds a slight angelic feel to her outfit. Her overall look is comfy-chic with a perfect touch of sweetness.

All you need to recreate this fresh look is a flower and basic makeup. This hairstyle is versatile and can work for various occasions. For a formal event, twist your hair into a high bun and add a flower that complements your outfit. You could also make a bold statement with a large flower. Stuck in a dreary, dull atmosphere? Bring the sunshine and ocean to you with a vibrant, tropical flower. If you want a more carefree look, loosely braid your hair leaving a few strands free and add a few small flowers. Natural makeup not only complements the hair accessory’s femininity and innocence, but also highlights natural beauty.

Just because heavy layers of clouds hide the sun doesn’t mean flowers should be forced to hide too. Add a pretty flower to your hair and prove to Mother Nature that vibrant petals aren’t reserved for specific months.


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