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The classic hair bun is like bread and butter. It’s easy to make, looks good and is tasteful. It’s a secret weapon that true Fashionistas know when to pull it out of their arsenal. This type of hairstyle along with its ultra-classy sister, the chignon, can be worn on the red carpet or to a college formal or other black-tie function.

Before our favorite celebrities starting sporting the hairstyle to award shows, buns were quite a big hit back in ancient Greece. It was the style of day thanks to popular female gods. Greek goddesses Aphrodite and Athena when getting their likeness carved in marble, often donned buns as their (or artist’s) hairstyle of choice. In China a woman would wear a bun to reveal her marital status. Of course we all know about the bun’s hayday in the prim chaste society of the Victorian era. While the style has been around for ages (literally) it continually gets updated throughout generations. From the ballerina, to braided, to the ever-popular topknot, the bun is a true go-to for an elegant look. It also provides a great disguise for a Fashionista who woke up late and is having a bad hair day. So stock up on bobby pins and hair ties ladies, because we’re going to put a few more bun-styles in your hair playbook.

While the topknot is stylish and super easy, Refinery29 offers some imaginative antidotes to topknot boredom. From the upside down braid bun to the messy side bun, they’ve got a ton of styles to get your creative juices flowing. They also have an entire tutorial dedicated to the messy chignon given by Lea Michele’s hairstylist, (seriously what’s not to love about this website?) In order to try any of these new styles or just a regular albeit fantastic low bun, like this Fashionista, you are going to need a bevy of bobby pins and black, brown or nude (depending on hair color) hair-ties. Hairspray is also needed if you are not a huge fan of fly-aways. For all of you serialist topknot-ers I've some how-to's for you as well (although you've probably consider yourself a master). The most important part to any of these styles is actually making your knot high enough! Be sure to flip your head over so that you can create a super high pony, that is the key to success. Check out these two how-to's on the topknot and the messy topknot from Buns are the ultimate accessory; they are classy, fun, messy, elegant, sexy and stylish. You just can’t go wrong when you rock a bun.


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