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We've seen ombré hair come and go…and come again and go again and now it's back! Clearly it's a trend we can't get enough of. Whether you love it or hate it, you have to admit it's one of the most carefree and low-maintenance hair dyes you can have done and that's why it's still ever so popular.

This Fashionista is sporting the ombré we all know and love. Shades of browns and blondes blend together to achieve a naturally sunkissed glow. The transition from dark to light flows through her clothing pieces as well. A dark sequined top and animal print leggings act as her brown base and her amazing white crochet sweater and distressed shorts create a lighter yet perfectly cluttered look. Her final touches include a studded and chained bag, matching boots and ombré-like cat eyeglasses — love, love, love!

Although ombré is such a low-maintenance look, I still suggest going in to freshen up your highlights once a month to keep it looking as vibrant and luminous as possible. You may even want to experiment with other types of ombré for the winter season. Winter is all about dramatic locks and rich tones so why not translate it into your hair? For temporary hair color, give hair chalking a try. It's the easiest and most innovative way of transforming your hair for just a little while. Simply find a soft pastel at any art store (or even hair salons now), twist small hair portions and chalk away. Remember to spray your hair with a bit of water if you have dark hair as it will brighten the pigments. Spraying hair any lighter than brown may cause temporary stains so be careful!

For a more permanent variation on ombré, take a look at different hair dyes. One of my absolute favorite ombré variations is “reverse ombré” which is exactly how it sounds — light to dark hair. This trend works great for those that already have light hair or for those that are ready for high-maintenance. This is also a process you should leave to the hair salon. Because it's a more dramatic take on the classic ombré, it should be more precisely applied and maintained. As always, remember to deep condition your hair after permanent or temporary hair color and embrace these hair trends before they're gone again!



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