ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: Ombré For The Holidays

All About Beauty

Nothing says that it’s the Holiday Season like a fresh 'do. This head of hair, of course, should be healthy as I’ve advocated for in countless articles. Now how do we take this healthy 'do one step further? The answer is just one word, ladies: ombré. Yes, that word you clicked on in Powerpoint when you were younger to create cool colored backgrounds is now a beauty trend. In fact, this trend has been going strong for a couple of years now. For the newbies out there, ombré hair is when one’s hair color gradually changes from dark to light.

When I first encountered this trend during my junior year of high school, I was skeptical. For those who followed the trend, I thought it looked like they forgot to dye their roots. For example, I thought this famous celeb was long overdue for a salon appointment. But over the years, ombré hair has grown on me. And when done in the right way, it's downright stunning.

This week’s Fashionista owns the ombré in the right way. With a gorgeous faux fur trimmed jacket by BCBGMAXAZRIA, an adorable elbow-sequin sweater by Chandellier, a pair of jeggings by Carmar for LF, a patterned scarf from Urban Outfitters and a pair of boots by Lucky Brand, this Fashionista is ready to face the cold of Winter Break with a killer sense of style. Her rustic meets rocker-chic look is perfectly paired with her ombré hair. The lighter, blonde tips of her hair beautifully complement the rest of her slightly darker hair color as well as wonderfully frame her face. What I love most about this Fashionista’s hair is that it looks natural. Not only are all the shades of her hair naturally colored tones, the change of color from shade to shade is fluid with no extraordinary interruptions. That is the key to perfecting the ombre trend: natural shades of color and a natural flow among shades.

Even in my last article of the fall 2012 Internship, I’m still preachin’ the same message: to keep it as natural as possible. Of course, I'm the first to wear a bold lip or a neon-colored nail, but going the natural route will never disappoint. So remember, Fashionistas: don't get lost in the gaudiness of the Holiday Season. Accentuating what yo’ mama gave ya is always the best option.

To latch onto the topic of mamas, my mama taught to me give thanks where it’s due. Sadly, the Fall 2012 Internship is coming to an end. But before it does once the last words of this article are written, I wanted to express my tremendous gratitude for what CollegeFashionista has given me every week for the past four months: an outlet to do what I love. Thank you, Amy and Melissa, for providing thousands of students all over the world the opportunity of a lifetime.

Keep rockin’ those killer looks, ladies and gentlemen. I’ll be back soon.


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