ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: New Year, New Nails

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It seems like the holidays seem to blend together more as the year progresses. One minute you're observing red, white and blue fireworks and the next you're hanging up lights and making gingerbread houses. Where does time go? Clearly it's a thing that happens everywhere. I mean, fashion itself is ahead of the game. Where else are people forced to think years in advance for a collection to come out for a specific season in the future? No where else I'd say! While those who realize this try to keep up with fashion through clothing, there are daring Fashionistas out there that challenge themselves and stay ahead through other aspects. Nail art anyone?

This year especially has brought nail art to the fashion scene sparking creative juices, colors, patterns and textures. Everything from nail embellishments, stiletto nails, crackle polish and magnetizing polish — it has definitely been a creative year! This Fashionista was found celebrating the upcoming new year by proudly wearing it on her nails. Of course I didn't notice until I stopped her for those amazing sailor shorts (and that gorgeous chiffon blouse) but the discovery was a lovely surprise!

As we talked more, she revealed her love for nail art and how she coordinates with the season like a true Fashionista. She even coordinated with a shimmery eyeshadow for a fashion-forward and fun look. Feeling festive yet? All you need is a bottle or two…or three…of nail polish and an idea in mind. Not sure which colors to choose? may help! They're an online service that let you borrow three designer nail polishes of your choice in the season's hottest colors. You get to use them for a month and return them for three more. The cycle may never end Fashionistas! Now all you need is more inspiration. Thanks to the many social platforms we have, finding inspiration is as easy as typing in “nail art” and scrolling for a few hours until that perfect design comes up. Once you've found it, give it your own personal touch and coordinate through your makeup. This month, everyone has been lusting over Nails Inc. “Bling it On Black Leather & Skulls” nail polish that give your tips the appearance and texture of leather. Amazing! It'll only be available in select stores and for a limited time so if you're one of the lucky few that are able to grab it, do so! 

If painting your nails with an intricate design or texture is difficult, give nail decals a try. They are virtually available anywhere and the amount of designs is sure to leave you feeling inspired. Simply start off with clean, filed nails, apply and protect them as you normally would. They are said to last ten days and to maximize this it is recommended that you apply a strengthening top coat every other day. Once you're ready for a new design, simply remove them with nail polish remover and start over. Remember to keep it fun and to challenge yourself with designs you think are impossible — you'll realize they really aren't!


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