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All About Beauty

The goal of makeup is to make it look like you are not wearing any at all and to make your face look flawless. This Fashionista has obviously perfected the skill of applying makeup. She has chosen to wear the perfect shade of foundation that covers blemishes and, at the same time, is completely unnoticeable.  This Fashionista has naturally blonde eyelashes, but she covers them up with a couple coats of brown mascara. If you have fair skin, I recommend choosing brown mascara as well as brown eyeliner, like this Fashionista, for your eyes because it is subtler than using darker colors. This Fashionista chose a medium brown eye shadow for her lids, which makes her eyes more defined than if she wasn’t wearing any at all, but at the same time the color is neutral, so it isn’t obvious that she is wearing makeup. This Fashionista went for the natural lip by not wearing any color. For all who would like to not wear any lipstick, I highly suggest putting on a layer of Chap Stick to keep your lips moisturized and, at the same time, soft.

Feeling in a girly mood? Reach for the pink nail polish to satisfy your girly needs. Taking the ten minutes to pamper yourself and give yourself a manicure with a cute color can put you in a better mood. This Fashionista went for a pretty ballerina pink, which is a perfect color because it can go with almost any outfit. It is also the perfect hue because it is subtle and not as bold as the grays and dark blues we are seeing this fall. If you don’t like the dark nail colors this fall, champagne and light purple, besides pink, are also refined colors.

To go with her neutral eye shadow, this Fashionista chose neutral colors throughout her outfit. She chose to go with a beige knitted sweater, which the holes let her skin breathe in the unpredictable semi-warm weather around campus. She chose basic denim jeans matched with tall hazelnut boots. Tall boots are an essential this fall. Don’t forget to notice the teal tank underneath her sweater! It adds a nice pop of color to this very autumn ensemble.

If you aren’t in the mood to wear bright colors, then reach for all of your neutrals! They are cute, sophisticated and are perfect for the fall season!



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