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Happy Holidays! It’s almost winter break and people around campus are showing their holiday spirit through their clothing.  This Fashionista shows her spirit by sporting snowflake patterned leggings. Patterned pants have been trending for the last couple of seasons. Other patterns that are popular at the moment are floral prints and tribal prints. Since this Fashionista’s leggings are patterned, she chose to keep all of her other clothing free of prints. She chose to wear a white top placed over a red tank with a basic black cardigan layered on top. Layering is a must in Alabama because of the unpredictable temperature ups and downs. The red tank adds a pop of color to the outfit. Since red is a classic color during the holiday season, red is a fantastic choice if you want your ensemble to have a Christmas vibe. She also chose to pair her leggings with black Ugg boots. Ugg boots, or some variation, have become a staple in every college girl’s wardrobe. Accessories can always pull an outfit together. This Fashionista added a sparkly black scarf and a cute headband.

Some girls have the energy and time to wake up every morning to style their hair. If you don’t have time, don’t worry. It is perfectly acceptable to let your hair air-dry. If you are lucky it drys in gorgeous waves like this Fashionista’s does. She chose to put a pretty headband in her hair to add a girly touch. If you are not a headband person, you could put your hair up in a messy pony or a messy bun, both are very chic hairstyles. I’m going to take a second to point out this Fashionista’s teeth. Her teeth are perfectly white. If you are looking to get whiter teeth, I recommend investing in whitestrips. This Fashionista also keeps her makeup to a minimum, which is perfect for any casual occasion. By just wearing a light coat of mascara and eyeliner, she looks perfectly put together.

During the holiday season, there are so many different ways to show your holiday spirit. Through her printed leggings, this Fashionista shows her spirit in a very chic and classy way!



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