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Fuchsia lipstick is the daring and hip cousin of the classic red. It is bolder and sassier than its little sister, pink lips. Fuchsia lips are uncharted and unclaimed by any celebrity as her signature color, which is probably why I love this color so much. I adore the newest Diane von Furstenberg lip handbags. The clutches feature golden 3-D versions of Modernist artist, Man Ray’s floating lip. While the combination of art and fashion is fascinating and shall I say timeless, I was most taken by the lovely fuchsia color of the bags. The gold on top of a satiny bed of this lovely color was both marvelous and modern.

This Fashionista is the queen of lipsticks. We have a class together, and not only are her outfits always on point, but she also usually accompanies them with cool lip colors. I love how fearless she is with her choice of lip colors, and I especially love her pairing of bold fuchsia with a champagne pink lace dress. The brown belt and matching gladiator sandals pair nicely with the pink palette. I have had total bag envy ever since the first day of classes when she walked in with her coral Kate Spade chain-linked bag. The coral adds an extra flair to this already awesome outfit.

Refinery29 is definitely my go-to website for all things beauty and fashion – as well as everything else. The website's beauty tutorials are always super helpful and easy to follow. Check out Taylor’s video on how to make your make-up do double duty, which features a fuchsia lipstick shout-out. They also have an entire post dedicated to easy ways of  choosing the perfect shad of fuchsia for your skin-tone and how to pair it with outfit color schemes. Fuchsia can be paired with teals, yellows and greys. You can also take a hint from this Fashionista and try pink on pink: just make sure to do different shades.


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