ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: Luscious Lips Combined With Pastel Tips

All About Beauty

In mid-December the sun embraced campus with its warm rays, brightening the blood-shot eyes from those who pulled another all-nighter in the library—the joys of finals. Nonetheless, the weather acts as a gift and allows students’ true beauty to shine.

This Fashionista’s reflects the sun’s light with her peachy coral lip balm swiped over her full lips. Her lip balm helps brighten her complexion while adding a hint of color to her overall casual-chic look. She continues the color with pastel robin-egg blue nail polish, which pops against her elegant black top. The top’s tie not only adds a sense of interest but also helps to accentuate her waist, ultimately adding a dose of femininity to her outfit. Her multiple rings and sparkling earrings bring touches of glam, which contrast with her laid-back, casual slipper shoes. This season, the slipper is making a statement with its versatility and ability to polish an outfit while still providing comfort. With bright eyes emphasized by eyeliner and mascara and an equally bright smile, this Fashionista beats the go-to sweatpants sweatshirt finals combination.

Achieving this look is easier than the 10-page paper you had to write or the chemistry test you took. De-stress with a manicure and paint your nails with a pastel nail polish like Essie’s Burrowed and Blue. For lips that shimmer in the sun, look for a lip gloss with a hints of peach and coral. As for your eyes, swipe on one or two coats of black mascara and line the rims with black liquid eyeliner. If you have long locks, leave them loose like this Fashionsta so they can shine in the sun as well. Sunny days in December are the perfect holiday gift—especially during finals.


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