ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: Long Hair, Don’t Care

All About Beauty

Having beautiful, long locks is a hair stylist’s dream. The possibilities of styling it are endless. One of the best ways to style long hair is keeping it as nature intended: down.

This week’s Fashionista rocks the long hair-do. She beautifully pairs her long, wavy hair with a dark floral dress from Urban Outfitters. Her wedges are by Tahari and her belt is vintage. This outfit amounts to a wonderful earthy feel. The freeness and volume of her hair perfectly complement this theme. This Fashionista notes that she uses only shampoo and conditioner—both of the Herbal Essences Hello Hydration line—when managing her hair. Her minimal use of product aids to why her hair can grow this long and look and feel healthy. Rapunzel would definitely be proud; I know that I’m envious.

I have touched on this topic on previous articles before, but when caring for your hair, use as little amount of product as possible. Despite the diversity of hair-types I run into at UCLA, a common theme of these lovely-haired ladies is that they do not pile on the hair product. If you aspire to have lovely long hair like this week’s Fashionista, you should definitely be aware of what you put into your hair. Having hair—let alone long hair—is a luxury that should be cared for properly.

So remember ladies and gentleman (who rock the “long hair, don’t care” mentality), take care of your hair! Watching what you put into your body isn’t the only thing you should be cautious of. Your hair is a part of your body so how you treat it reflects your health as well. Don’t go health-watch overboard, but moderation in what you do to your hair, including applying heat and various styling products, is key. Take notes from this week’s Fashionista and design a simple and healthy hair routine.


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