ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: London Calling


The Melbourne Look is essentially built for winter, and let me assure you, it certainly gets frosty here. Melbournians as a general rule, always prepare for a winter's day by layering various garments of shapes and textures, never forgetting the importance of heavy overcoat. As the cooler days approach, it is only reasonable that a Fashionista looks to the European winter styles and more notably the unkempt London Rocker Chic to get her through the coming winter months.

This Fashionista rocks her own effortless personal style that appears as totally laidback, yet simultaneously creates a notable statement. Her look is all about not appear polished or too composed but rather aiming for artistic, layered nonchalance. Starting with disheveled, rocker hair that even Kate Moss would envy.

The key to this hair is to forget your hairbrush; unkempt hair is a must to pull off this look. Hair that doesn’t seem polished is an excellent way to stop your look from appearing too overdone, especially if you’ve put effort into your makeup to contrast this look. A great tip for creating artfully dishevelled hair is to ditch your hairbrush and rather use texturising products for the lengths of the hair to combat fluffy, frizzy hair. Using pins as this Fashionista has is a fantastic way to create layers, whilst ruffling up the hair. They serve to keep unkempt hair in its place whilst still retaining an effortless, nonchalance. Styling powders are great for creating texture and increasing volume to achieve messy locks, especially if your hair is fine, slippery or just won’t seem to be able to hold a hairstyle. The product has a mattifying effect, as not to give you an oily finish, whilst still being reworkable later in the day if your hair does seem to fall a little flat.

What makes this Fashionista's look so sucessful is how she has perfectly complimented her hair to her outfit. She achieves the ultimate effortless rock and roll chic by paring her rugged military trench coat with a simple buttoned up plaid shirt, finishing the look with classic staple skinny jeans. This look is about being able to take typically conservative garments and translating it into an artistic, grungy ensemble. Look to the rolled out of bed cool of Pete Doherty style for Heroin Chic inspiration. Doherty’s look is heavily based around his wardrobe staples of black wide brimmed fedoras, dress shirts, statement jackets and mod style trenches whilst his hair is almost always perfectly ruffled.


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