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There’s nothing like looking to the past to draw inspiration for the future, even when it comes to picking out tomorrow’s outfit. There is so much scope for the imagination in recreating looks from the past; you can tweak here and snip there to add your own modernity to what is referred to as “old.” And that is precisely what today’s Fashionista did.

When I spotted this Fashionista, the first three thoughts that came to my mind were the 1970s, Daphne from the classic mystery cartoon Scooby Doo and today’s nerdy-chic trend. Her ensemble was such a well-balanced and meshed mix between then and now that it was difficult to discern which pieces of her outfit were retro (the oversize glasses, the paisley scarf) and which were the alterations she made herself (the modern bangs, the muted peacoat and the leather messenger bag). Her outfit came together to create Daphne 2.0, the more modern, hip version of the groovy redhead who solves crimes.

My favorite statement pieces of her outfit were her old-school sunglasses and dreamy (but contemporary) hairstyle. Head over to your local Forever 21 (or Nordstrom, if you feel like investing) to hunt for your perfect pair of spectacles. To get the bangs, ask your hairdresser for simple bangs and a long, layered look that can be pretty pinned up or let down.

Like our Fashionista, you too can have a “blast from the past” kind of day. If you’re stuck in the '70s, you can’t go wrong with a little bit of paisley or a headscarf. To add a modern twist you can search for fun ways to represent for the '70s, like with a vibrantly-patterned phone cover or out-of-this-world nails. Just be sure to not get too lost in the daze; there’s nothing tackier than looking like you’re ready for Halloween in a full-blown, head-to-toe disco look. It’s the little things that matter.


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