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Hot rollers, what with all the new hair-curling gadgets and gizmos around today, may seem like a thing of the past, like something your mother used in the '80s, (she probably did) but they are one of the best beauty tools (still) out there. They are relatively quick and very efficient. Just think of all the time you could save by not curling each two-inch piece of your hair, and you'll also some great results. This week's CollegeFashionista has some rockin’ curls that, although they look natural, are in fact a product of heat styling. Hot rollers are a perfect way to get this Fashionista’s polished, yet natural, look.

If you are starting with clean hair, add a texturizing product or some hairspray beforehand, to help your hair retain the curls. If your hair has gone a day or two without being washed, no worries, dirty hair will actually hold curls better.

When selecting hot rollers, it is best to get a set with various sizes, as this will help to keep your curls natural looking, not too fake. Conair has a quality ceramic set, as well as T-3, though that set is a little pricier. Take a two-three inch section of your hair and simply roll it up. I usually do the bigger curlers on the top of my head, and save the smaller ones for the underside of my hair, as this part always seems to uncurl the fastest. But, of course, you can use whatever size roller is best for your hair. Don't be discouraged, it may take a little practice.

Once you have the curlers in your hair, you are free to apply your makeup, get dressed, make breakfast or even clean your room, because you will have extra time that you would have spent holding your hair in the curling iron. The great thing about hot rollers, they do most of the work themselves, leaving your hands free.

Once your rollers have cooled to the touch, you can go ahead and take them out. Finger comb your hair just to separate the curls a bit and make them look natural. Finish with some hairspray, and you’re good to go.


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