ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: Headbands, Scarves And Turbans! Oh My!

All About Beauty

While on her way to pilates class, this cute and fun Fashionista sported the cutest headscarf to spice up her workout look. You no longer have to look bland while working out! Instead of piling on unnecessary makeup that will make you uncomfortable when you sweat, give your look a little pizzazz with a headscarf or a fun headband. These days there are a lot of ways to style up your look when you're on the go or in a rush, and I feel that this is the simplest and best way to do so. Lululemon has amazing and stylish workout headbands and Forever 21 also has a great and cheap selection. There is such a wide variety of colors, patterns, prints, etc. that you can find to match any outfit or any look. The great thing about headscarves is that there are so many different ways you can style them. Also, if you're having a bad hair day these scarves truly save the day!

Some great scarf tutorials can be found on YouTube and generally all of them are short and quick to get you out the door and on with your day in minutes. College is such a stressful yet fun time, and there are many moments where we have been through all nighters, crazy midterm study sessions — you name it! So, looking super chic and trendy isn't always an everyday thing. However, these scarves and headbands do just that when you wake up to find your hair all over the place! The super fun element of all of this is that you can find yourself one day sporting the turban look, the next day sporting the boho chic headband look, or the preppy Blair Waldorf look all in a matter of seconds. Time is truly of the essence and luckily scarves and headbands come in handy when you have none!

Etsy has a beautiful collection of headscarves, which I also found can be regular light scarves as well — talk about true versatility! Active Headbands is a great site for the sporty chic girl; the variety of headbands is a little overwhelming, but great because there's such a diverse selection. Free People also has some great and trendy headbands, generally on the pricier side, so I look to Threadscene as a cheaper alternative. Once again, YouTube has an unlimited amount of amazing tutorials for different styles and looks on how to wrap scarves to your fit.

So ladies, when you wake up late for your morning class or are on your way for a quick run, don't be afraid to be creative and throw on a cute headband or wrap a boho scarf to help spice up your look!


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