ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: Half-Up Half-Down Happiness

All About Beauty

Effortless looking hair is always a must. Whether you’ve taken an hour to style it or just hopped out of bed, you want your hair to appear naturally flawless. A secret to achieving this look is to not put too much product into your hair—an overload of hairspray will leave your hair looking dry and lifeless. I have touched on this topic on a previous post, but a Fashionista can never have too many hair tips.

This week’s Fashionista rocks the effortless hairdo perfectly. With a lovely lace top from Wet Seal, burgundy pants from dELiA*s, adorable brownish-taupe sandals by Colin Stuart, killer gold watch by Marc Jacobs and bracelets by Tory Burch and Brandy Melville, this Fashionista is more than ready for class. I have spotted this Fashionista strutting her style multiple times on campus, and I could not go one more week without featuring her in a column! The mix of top designers as well as retail stores like Wet Seal exemplify a great wardrobe for a college undergrad. The typical college student can’t afford a head-to-toe outfit by Alexander McQueen, but it is definitely okay to splurge once in a while like this Fashionista did on a Tory Burch wrap-bracelet. But now on to the main attraction.

This Fashionista’s flowy yet structured hair is a perfect example of an effortless hairdo. She twirled pieces of hair from both sides of her head and clipped them at the back of her head with a small brown clip. The only product that was used in her hair was a few sprits of Aussie Sprunch Hairspray on her soft curls.

This Fashionista takes to heart one of my favorite sayings when dealing with beauty products: a little goes a long way. Do not exacerbate your hair by piling on the product everyday. It is possible this Fashionista shows—to have beautiful, styled hair without tons of product. If you’re ever bored of having your hair down or rocking the full ponytail, try the half-up half-down look to mix it up.

Remember ladies, a true Fashionista is never predictable.


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