ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: Hair Wax Stylin’

All About Beauty

This week’s College Fashionisto finished his finals for this fall semester, how lucky! And just like our last Fashionisto, he dresses up and styles his hair no matter how hectic his classes. Now that’s dedication. He goes back and forth using hair gel and hair wax to style his hair. In this look he uses hair wax. There is so much out in the world wide web about hair wax. Let’s check some links out!

According to Cool Men’s Hair, hair wax is better than hair gel because it doesn’t leave your hair looking stiff. It can create such versatile styles and even creates an appearance of fuller hair! So, for those guys with thin hair, you should definitely try out hair wax. Amazon rated the top hair waxes and surprisingly the most expensive brand is still under $30. Tony Guy and How Cast have great tutorials on how to style men’s hair with hair wax. They are quick videos that you can watch during your study breaks!

His hair wax stylin’ hair is partially covered with his black hoodie from a European online store. Besides online shopping, his two favorite stores are Kohls and Hollister. He combined his black hoodie with burgundy colored jeans. I absolutely love this color and anything goes great with black. He finishes off the look with a silver watch and black shoes.

This Fashionisto gets his fashion inspiration from his older cousins and follows the classic fashion motto “dress to impress.” Although it may be hard picking out the perfect outfit, you have a little help in the hair department this week –use hair wax! Remember to check out the links above and check out those great video tutorials. Until next time, happy styling!



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