ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: Hair Brushes for Men


Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, and imfamous Fabio are three celebrities with the romantic long hairstyle. Up until this Fashionisto’s senior year of high school, he always had short hair. And now as a freshman at King’s College, he decided to stick with the longer hairstyle. Even with this longer hairstyle, this week’s College Fashionisto maintains a simple daily hair routine.

Everyday for approximately five minutes this Fashionisto brushes his hair. Since he has thick hair, this Fashionisto chooses hairbrushes over fine-tooth combs. Before choosing the best hair tools, Fashionistos need to find out their hair type. Kent Brushes has a great article with ten different hair types for men including thick hair, thin hair, and eight others. After you find out your hair type, head on over to Ask Men and find out what hairbrush is right for you. If your hair is thick like this Fashionisto, choose a natural bristle brush. For those of you with thinner hair check out Beautybar’s article on fine and thinning hair. Lastly end your hair research with the top ten haircrushes from Folica. These links will definitely help all Fashionistos with their new hair tool!

This Fashionisto’s long locks ties together this casual chic look. For a similar look, start off with a graphic black and white tee. His favorites stores to get graphic tees are Forever 21, Macy’s, and Hot Topic. Combine the tee with faded grey jeans and black and grey Nike sneakers. Finish off the look with a black jean jacket and you are ready for a day of chillin’ and hanging out with your friends.

This Fashionisto gets his hair inspiration from Zac Efron! This weekend search the web for your hair inspiration and find out your hair type And remember to check out the links above for a new hairbrush or fine tooth-comb. Until next time, happy styling!


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