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What’s every girl’s guilty pleasure? It's only one word, ladies: glitter. You may not like to admit it due to that incredibly tacky but playful glittery number you owned when you were five-years-old; but let’s be real: glitter is shiny, pretty and downright entertaining. One step better than having glitter on your clothes is having glitter on your eyes. Though it's fall a.k.a. dark color season, adding glitter to your beauty routine every once in a while is a great way to spice up your wardrobe.

This week’s Fashionista perfectly pairs a hot fall outfit with glittery makeup. Her vintage chambray shirt is by Calvin Klein, her white pullover sweater is from Forever 21, her black corduroy jeggings are by Hue and her boots are by Mizooz. To imitate her faux fur vest, check out this vest by BB Dakota. This outfit is not only trendsetting but appropriate for the cool fall weather.

Now on to my favorite part of her look: her flawless face. Her clear, glowing skin is complemented by glowing, glittery eyes. She’s wearing Long Wear Luminous Eye Shadow by Chanel, Long Wear Gel Eyeliner and black mascara both by Bobby Brown. For a more affordable version of this look, try the NYX Cosmetics Glitter Holiday Collection or any of the NYX Cosmetics Liquid Cystral Liners

What I love most about this Fashionista's glitter makeup is that it was applied in moderation; it wasn’t smeared across her eyes like a Vegas sign. Instead, it was placed lightly and carefully on her eyes, creating a clean and classy look. Additionally, the glitter wonderfully contrasts with the brown eye shadow base. This combination of an earth tone with something gaudier, such as glitter, gives a beautiful aesthetic effect. Moreover, the light application of glitter makes her face appropriate for both formal events and a night out on the town. In either setting, it's a great conversation starter.

Take notes from this Fashionista, and don’t be afraid to glitter it up. Despite season, glitter is always a girl’s best friend. Rain or shine, it will brighten up your day…literally. But be careful, Fashionistas, and remember not to overload the glitter; that tacky line is closer than you think!


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