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Hello Kitty, Cat in the Hat and Garfield. What do these media stars have in common? They’re all cats. Now why am I listing famous cat names in a fashion advice article? Because there has definitely been a cat craze developing on UCLA's campus. I’ve spotted ladies sporting cheetah print and leopard print left and right—not to mention this blog post featuring adorable kittens that has been spreading like wildfire. Implementing animal print into your fall wardrobe is an unexpected but fun way to spice it up; however, my favorite fashionable cat-tribute would have to be the cat eye.  

This week’s Fashionista not only rocks the cat eye but also models a perfect fall-to-winter transition outfit. She wears a long-sleeved, collared blouse by Forever 21, black pants by BDG, adorable suede booties by Sam Edelman and watch by Marc by Marc Jacobs. Though the colors of her outfit may stray from the vibrant colors I usually advocate for, they are still just as fierce. I admire how this Fashionista communicates her funky yet trendy style with the use of two colors. Less is more, ladies. She did not have to throw on every sequin piece in her wardrobe. Just the simple fact of implementing accents in her look, such as folding the cuffs of her blouse as well as folding the bottoms of her pants, makes a statement in itself.

On the same minimalist note, her use of the cat eye amidst a natural face is perfection. Obviously, this Fashionista is a natural beauty. With a glowing complexion, she accentuates her already luscious lashes with a subtle cat eye made by Bobbi Brown Eyeliner. Why the cat eye looks so natural on this Fashionista is because its thickness and length are suitable to her face. Also, she doesn’t overdue it by applying a think line to her lower waterline.

Take notes from this Fashionista and practice moderation in the use of your makeup products. If you want a bold lip, apply natural eyeshadow if any. If you want a pinch of blush on your cheeks, hold off on the bright lips. And if you want a cat eye, follow this Fashionista and only have the eye as the focus of your face. To imitate this Fashionista’s cat eye, try the Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner; it’s application is smooth and convenient due to its moist quality. 

All in all, don't be afraid to channel your inner animal. Adding a pinch of your wild fashion sense can never hurt. Needless to say, humans are animals; thus, I'm telling you to channel your inner cat. I mean…every family could use a fierce feline this Holiday Season, right?


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