ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: Finals Week & Still Looking Good

All About Beauty

Finally, the end of the semester is here! Cold weather + winter break + holidays… It would be the perfect season if it weren’t for finals. The typical wardrobe of college students during this time of the semester consists of sweat pants, large sweaters, comfortable shoes, hair buns/pony tails… and dark under-eye circles. I was very lucky to find a Fashionista that did not fit into the description above. I understand that studying is the number one thing on everyone’s mind, but the downside of this is not getting enough hours of sleep. All-nighters will have a huge impact in your appearance, especially your eyes. If you don’t mind having dark circles under your eyes, good for you! But if you do, here’s a quick morning procedure that will help you look fresh even if you had none to a couple hours of sleep the night before.

You will need: cucumbers, water and cotton pads.

1. Use your blender to make cucumber juice and mix it with water. Pour the juice in a bowl.
2. Soak your cotton pads in the cucumber juice. Make sure to squeeze out the excess juice.
3. Repeat the procedure. Put as many cotton pads soaked in cucumber juice into a Ziploc bag. You only need one pair a day so keep the bag in your freezer. Freezing the cucumber pads will help them stay fresh and you won’t have to make cucumber juice every day.
4. Every morning before showering, thaw your pair of cucumber pads. By the time you’re done showering, your cucumber pads will be completely thawed.
5. Place them onto your eyes and keep them on for ten minutes.

I found this helpful procedure on Michelle Phan’s youtube channel. (Subscribe to her channel if you haven’t already, she has a lot of useful tips!) Cucumbers are a great source of Vitamin K, which helps reduce capillaries and reducing capillaries will help get rid of under-eye dark circles.

Looking good does not mean that you should spend a lot of time doing your hair and dressing up, especially during finals week. After all, getting A’s should be everyone’s priority during these days. This week's Fashionista came up with a cute yet simple hair do. She straightened her short hair and used bobby pins to pin up one side of it. The other side of her hair is down and slightly curled. If you have short hair and get tired of it looking the same all the time, this easy hair do will give the effect of an assymetrical haircut. And the best part is that it will not take more than 10 minutes!

So now you know how to get rid of dark under-eye circles and come up with a cute yet quick hair-do. Now all you need to do is ace every one of your tests!


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