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If you ask me, this is one of the hardest times of the year for college students. The holidays are right around the corner and it can be difficult to concentrate on school, but finals, papers and projects are piling up. On top of that, we’ve finally been hit with some seriously cold air. Bed seems like the right place to be these days, not class.  Motivation is definitely lacking, but as fashion lovers we know right where to look for a little dose of inspiration: our closets!

When I spotted this Fashionista, it was easy to see that when she’s got a case of the blues, she fights it with, well, blue…plus purple! There’s no need to blend into the crowd when you can treat yourself to a little color therapy. A bright blue winter coat is sure to cheer you up. Instead of any old jeans or black leggings, pair it with some plum pants. The color combo is bound to literally brighten your day. When wearing such colorful pieces together, remember to pair them with more subtle accessories like neutral colored boots and a scarf.

Don’t confine your love for color to fashion only; the world of beauty has a lot to offer, too! Nail polish is an obvious choice. Not only can you choose from a multitude of colors to spice up your life, but I also have a theory that everyone feels better with a fresh manicure. When you’re cramming for that killer final, take a thirty minute break and paint your nails while watching your favorite TV show. You’ll feel refreshed and look fab.


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