ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: Falsies Are Your Friends!

All About Beauty

What catches your eye in magazines? Is it all the glossy advertisements for high end clothing or the models themselves? Personally, I could look at clothes for days but a look just isn't complete without a perfectly polished face to match. While some runway beauty trends are far from everyday attainability (I mean really, imagine going to class with Rick Owens spring 2013 architectural coifs!), other trends are more easily wearable with some toning down. We can thank the return of minimalistic '60s hair and makeup for giving us some inspiration and refreshment after that hair straightening craze just a few years ago.

Clean, high-contour faces also always seem to make it to the runway with a few embellishments here and there and with a '60s twist, we ended up with dozens of models in big, fluffy bouffants and lashes à la Peggy Moffitt. When I came across this Fashionista on my usual walk to class, I was more than thrilled to see that she not only had a great outfit going on but long, voluminous eyelashes that intensified her face! She worked around her clean makeup and doll-like eyes to pull together a feminine yet edgy look. Her mint collared dress with hints of lace and tons of tulle was nicely contrasted with her black combat boots and high bun. When I asked about her daily makeup routine, she revealed her love of false eyelashes and just how easy they are to slip into your everyday makeup. 

That's right! No need to gasp Fashionistas! Applying fake eyelashes can be as easy as swiping on the mascara you use to open up your tired morning eyes. Simply start with a clean, makeup-free eye. If you've chosen a set of eyelashes like Modlash strip lashes, carefully place each over your eyes for sizing from the outside of your eye in. Cut them to your length if necessary then gently bend them for more flexible application. Once you're ready, brush on a thin strip of lash adhesive, apply as close to the roots as possible and gently press the corners until they feel secure. They should be completely dry within two minutes. After they're set, blend your natural lashes with your new ones with a bit of mascara. For extra camouflaging, hide the lash band with gel eyeliner and carry on.

For lashes that require no additional makeup, try individual lashes. While these may take more time to apply, it's ultimate effect is all natural. Carefully pick a cluster of eyelashes with tweezers and dip into lash adhesive. Begin by placing the clusters from the outside of your eye to the inside, only where your own eyelashes are sparse. Apply each with the tweezers closely and hold for a few seconds until secure. For a '60s inspired look, don't forget to apply mascara to the bottom lashes—it's essential!


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