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Judging by the content of my posts from these past few weeks, it's pretty safe to say ombré hair is a huge trend for ladies on the Syracuse campus. This week's Fashionista, though sporting the classic light-to-dark look, stands out thanks to the length and health of her hair and the vibrancy of its color. Her hairstyle of choice is the perfect complement to her vintage bohemian look.

I'm pretty sure I covered all the bases as far as styling and maintaining ombré hair goes (though I'll never miss an opportunity to stress the importance of conditioning) so this week I'm going to switch it up a bit and talk about this Fashionista's outfit instead, because I am a big fan of her unique style.

First off, confession time: I am, without a doubt, the world's worst thrifter. It's probably a combination of my aversion to pre-worn clothes and my severe lack of patience when rifling through mounds of clothes with questionable origins. I shudder at the sight of a dubious stain, and for someone who was not blessed with the D.I.Y skills of Erica Domesek, rips and holes are aggravating, as any situation involving me, a needle and some thread usually ends in frustrated tears and bleeding fingers.

Apparently I am alone with my sentiments, though, because whenever I complement someone stylish on a unique clothing item, I am usually informed that it was purchased at Salvation Army for three dollars. This Fashionista's acid wash denim jacket was a thrifted find, and instead of looking like she stepped out of a bad '80s movie, she updated the piece with a very on-trend high-low skirt and suede loafers. A dose of sweet sex appeal (is that an oxymoron?) comes from a white eyelet corset top and sheer ripped tights. Her ultra-trendy ombré hair tops off the look, a thoroughly modern update on a quirky vintage aesthetic. Now, who wants to offer thrifting tips/take me to the nearest Salvation Army?


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