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Nothing says it's the holiday season like rich reds and greens, velvets, big embellishments and brocade print. During this festive time of year it's all about the details because it's the little things that really add that extra sparkle. This not only goes for holiday house decorations, but also the added touches to your holiday attire. Anything from bold accessories such as embellished clutches and statement earrings, to even bolder beauty items like decorative nails and vampy lips. The Fashionista I spotted doing some last minute running around before break is definitely on the right track when it comes to a little added sparkle.The golden color swept across this Fashionista's eyelids and her gold dainty necklace both complemented her neutral ensemble and mocha skin tone very well. These gold counterparts, although minimal, packed much punch. Who would have thought that a hue on the eye would make just as much of an impression as statement accessories.

The holidays are the perfect time to kick your look up a notch, especially your eyes. Jewel inspired colors like bronze, golds, emerald greens, sapphires and platinum are in this fall. When these colors are applied to the eyelids or lashes, they really intensify and brighten the eye instantly. A modern smoky eye with these colors and some added glitter will also instantly create a festive dramatic look. And for those still a little eye color shy, subtle monochrome palettes are perfect for those who want a vibrant yet refined eye. Eye shadow is one of those things that can really add emphasis to your face. Many are afraid of eye shadow because they don't know how to apply it or make it look natural. But nowadays, make-up companies have done a stellar job at making intensifying your eyes so easy from easy-to-follow instruction palettes to expertly pairing complementary shades that will add definition and brighten your particular eye color. These guides make eye shadow application a breeze!

There are various eye shadow palettes that show you how to effortlessly take your look from the classroom to back home get togethers with old friends. To keep the eye color fabulous throughout the day, eye shadow primer makes all the difference. A coat on the eyelids prior to color application will boost vibrancy of eye shadow color and keeps eye shadow in place all day. This is perfect for us Fashionistas who still want to look awesome while out and about during the holiday craziness. So have fun with eye shadow this season for added eye razzle dazzle that will have others mesmerized. 



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