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Hair coloring is always fun, especially when doing it yourself. You will either love it or hate it. Your hair is not interchangeable so you cannot mess up the process if you decide to dye it yourself; you only get one chance (usually) so do it right!

I was lucky to find a Fashionista that got the pink ombre done by herself. I have never done anything similar to my hair so I was in shock—in a good way, of course. Below is a list of steps that she gave me:

  1. Braid hair into 2 pigtail braids (make sure to stop the braid at the appropriate length you want the dye to go up to) and put the pony tail holder there to make a stopping point for the dye 
  2. Put gloves on to protect hands from getting stained with the dye
  3. Squirt dye on hands and rub into the hair starting where the pony tail holder is to the ends of hair
  4. Let dry for about 45 minutes to an hour
  5. Wash out dye by washing hair normally and style normally

After reading the list, I said to myself, 'hey, I could do this myself!' Dying your own hair is a risky yet fun experience. If you mess it up, you will learn from your mistake and (hopefully) won't repeat it again.

The typical blonde on brown and dark on blonde ombre is gorgeous but every one out of five girls on campus seem to have it which is why I liked this Fashionista's choice of color (besides the obvious- it looks amazing!) It is always great to think out of the box and experiment with all kinds of colors. Visit the colorful aisle more often! Choose a color and follow the steps listed above. Do it right and you will love it!


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