ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: Dip it, Dip it Good


Yes, we’re all aware of that hair craze, some call it ‘baliage’, ‘ombre hair’ or even ‘top deck hair’. I, however am not interested in Fashionista’s who choose to lightly graduate their hair colour from top to bottom. What catches my eye is someone who dares to go to the extreme, and this week, I found exactly that. This daring Fashionista said ‘no’ to the norm and literally dipped the ends of her hair into a tub of peroxide. The end result, a fantastic, bold new ‘do.

Although this look is absolutely fabulous and does make a great statement; unless you know how to peroxide your own hair, may I recommend you be professionally advised first before you go playing around with it? Peroxide is very toxic and when not used correctly, can damage your hair. If peroxide, however, seems daunting and a bit too extreme there are many fabulous, eye-catching alternatives. Brands like Manic Panic and Hair Flairs have come up with some temporary hair colours that can give that great dip- dye affect, in a range of colours, which are easily removable. Manic Panic have their ‘Amplified’ range of semi permanent and washable dye’s as well as peroxide kits to teach you how to get that classic dip-dyed do. Hair Flairs have an even easier range of ‘hair chalk’ that is as simple as rubbing the colours directly on to your hair and washing them out when you please.

So when you’re thinking about a change I say go bold! But, if you’re new to change and are feeling a bit uneasy definitely use a washable or semi-permanent colour to begin with; after a while I’m certain you’ll be doing your own peroxide jobs just like this amazing Fashionista.


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