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This week's pattern-pairing vintage queen works her outfit so well it's almost hard to keep focus on the asymmetrical bob covered by her black felt hat. But even a snazzy jazz-era fedora can't quite hide the chic shag bangs that peak out the brim. Channeling Sienna Miller circa 2007 and just a hint of Rihanna's raven pixie cut, this week's Fashionista works a head-to-toe crop look, from the tips of her strands to the rolled-up houndstooth trousers. That's what I like to call total-look satisfaction.

But definitely making her outfit is the killer haircut, and even though it looks carefree, short hair comes with a lot of rules to keep it fresh. First, a regular haircut is a must. From all the daily damage that our hair puts up with, frequent visits to the salon chair make for less frizz and healthier strands. Try to keep your visits scheduled every four-six weeks and your hair will reward you with smoothness and shine.

Keeping cosmetics off your bangs is also a great rule of thumb (and not just for short haired ladies). All the product from our face can really dry out the strands and lead to major split ends, which for short hair, is an absolute no-no. Short hair certainly doesn't get split ends more frequently, it's just more noticeable when you do, so keep your hair off your face and squeaky clean.

And last, over-heating hair can lead to just as much damage as too much product, so don't forget the ever important heat-protecting spray. Try Chi 44 Iron Guard Thermal Protection Spray, or my favorite, Aussie's Heat Protecting Shine Spray to keep those curls silky and happy (which is another rule that even long-haired Fashionistas can be happy with too).


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