ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: Critical Colors

All About Beauty

It’s midterm time and we all hate it. We are already tired of our classes and it is the beginning of October. Not to mention, we have worn all of our new school clothes numerous times. I’m here to give you all some relief when it comes to your wardrobe choices. This Fashionista has taken a new twist on hair color. Many of my friends get their hair done right before school starts, so now is the perfect time to get your ends trimmed. Instead of just getting a trim, I recommend a new change that will bring some adventure into your life. This could be a difference in your hair length, style or even color. This Fashionista is rocking black hair. Usually in the fall, people go darker with their hair, such as some shade of red or brown. Black takes the dark trend to a whole new level and it is greatly appreciated because life would be boring if we never saw change. I definitely would suggest getting your locks dyed by a professional hair stylist to avoid any mishaps with the color. Not only does this Fashionista have a wicked awesome hair color, she also chose to classically style her hair straight. I think this is fitting because her hair color is so bold that a classic style wouldn’t attract unwanted attention. 

This Fashionista is sporting a gorgeous teal skirt matched with a classic white long sleeve shirt. This color combination is refreshing to the eye because it is like the ocean, and who doesn’t love the ocean? Anyways, the buttons on the skirt matched with a cute belt add sweet feminine features to her ensemble. The brown boots add a southern twist and are great for transitioning your style into to autumn clothes.

Clearly, this Fashionista has not let her style slip in these crucial mid-semester days. It is important to have a unique style around campus because many trends trickle up from universities around the world. Gather this: a new hair color and refreshing color blocking is a must for the fall. Don’t forget that a little change is never a bad thing!


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