ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: Casually Cool, Casually Tan

All About Beauty

Today marked Florida's first chilly day of the season. Do you know what that means for us Fashionistas who have patiently been waiting all year? It means we can virtually wear anything without having to worry about what the heat has done to us by the end of the day. Hooray! While some of us choose to break out our boots or favorite fall pants, others may choose to enjoy the last bit of hot weather by combining our staple shorts with chilly weather tops just like this Fashionista.

I encountered this Fashionista calmly walking through campus and enjoying the breeze outside. What originally caught my eye was the curious little print on her breezy silk blouse. I just had to see it up close! She paired her blouse with simple navy shorts and darker oxfords with high socks. After a small conversation with her, I learned that she is really excited for the upcoming weather but not so excited about losing her summer tan, which got me thinking: is there an alternative to tanning beds and spray tans when you can't exactly maintain your tan in the chilly weather?

The answer is of course! When thinking about how to prolong your natural tan, it's important to review how you got it in the first place. Before you go tanning, you need to exfoliate your skin—no ifs, ands or buts. I recommend Tree Hut's Brazilian Nut body scrub. This will remove all dead skin cells, providing a nice and even surface to tan on. No flaky tans here! Lock in your skin's moisture with a thick lotion like Australian Gold's Tan Extender, not just after you tan but as frequently as possible. The more nourished your skin is, the healthier and longer you'll keep your tan.

Finally, keep in mind that tanning is a process. If you walk into a salon one shade and come out ten shades darker, chances are you may have sped up the tanning a little too much. You want your tan to be as natural and complementing as possible. You've probably heard of self tanning lotions and while it may take time to find the perfect one for you, it's definitely worth trying. Matahari has multiple lines of tanning lotions with easy steps to achieve the perfect golden glow. They're packed with essential oils and cocoa butter to moisturize your skin, while reflecting pigments bring out the skin's color. If you're new to tanning lotions, I recommend them before baking in the sun. Give your skin a break this season and you'll notice your skin restore its natural, healthy glow.


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