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I always love a good topknot. Don’t get me wrong, low hair buns are cute too, but there’s something about a bun that sits almost directly on top of your head that makes a statement. Lately I haven’t being seeing too many statements walking around on campus, so when I spotted this Fashionista and her simple yet bold hair bun, Beyoncé lyrics immediately flowed from my mind: “Finally, you put my love on top.” Only it wasn’t love I was thinking about.

Topknots not only make statements of their own; they also complement the rest of your outfit. It’s best to throw your hair up if you’re planning to highlight a dazzling necklace or a chunky scarf like this Fashionista, or if your blouse has a cool neckline or cut that can’t be ignored by a curtain of hair. Simply tie your hair up into a high pony and then wind the hair around in a cinnamon-roll fashion. Secure your bun with another hair tie, bobby pins and a good layer of hairspray, making sure to pat down any stray hairs that are guaranteed to fly around in the fall breeze. If you feel as though your bun is lacking you can do it up in a french braid or even adorn it with a hair bow or flower clip. Voilà!

Another great thing about topknots is their versatility: they can boast of sophistication if you wear a sweeping gown but add simplicity to a casual outfit like this one. If you’re heading off to class or a study date at Starbucks, dark jeans or high-waist shorts like the ones our Fashionista is wearing will do the trick. Any solid-colored shirt will work, too, preferably in a muted fall color or even in a soft pastel. Complete the look with some military boots, an optional army jacket and a scarf, and just like this Fashionista, you’ll be glad you put your bun on top.


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