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Piling on that tinted tanning cream can get messy. For those who are naturally pale like me, having a little color once in a while wouldn’t hurt. Every Fashionista’s dream (especially living in California) is waking up with an even and healthy tan without having to purchase expensive tanning lotions or going to tanning salons.

This week’s Fashionista not only has a natural tan but also has killer style. Her adorable teal dress from Forever 21 and light brown buckled boots purchased from the department store, Nordstrom, are the perfect example of excellent fashion that accentuates one’s natural skin tone. Again — similar to my past posts — I ran into another Fashionista who has the natural version of the beauty feature I am highlighting…literally. This Fashionista is a true bronzed beauty in that she never actively tans. Her beautiful skin tone is natural. Of course, the sun helps her out once in a while, such as walking to class on those hot, sunny days at UCLA, but she doesn’t go to tanning salons and doesn’t purchase tanning lotions.

Despite her tanned perfection, there is still something to learn. Though I featured a bronzed goddess in this column, this Fashionista works with what she has. She just happens to have a beautiful bronzed skin-tone, and her outfit-colors complement her skin wonderfully. If you want to accentuate your tan or deep skin tone (or make it appear that you are more tan than you actually are), I suggest wearing light pastel colors, neon colors and white. However, if you are pale and proud, pair your fair skin with dark colors. This color combination will beautifully contrast with your skin.

So remember, ladies and gents: work with what you have. Do not try to appear as something you are not. (Though I will admit to trying tanning lotion a few times.) Of course, feel free to have fun and try new things; however, finding ways to complement your natural beauty will never go out of style.


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