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I remember when I first learned how to plait, or what is commonly known as braid. I was so amazed at this new found skill. I braided every single one of my Barbie's hair, when bored in class I braided my classmates hair. Basically anything that had three strands was getting braided. Today there are so many cool ways to braid. Some of my recent favorites are the waterfall braid and the fishtail braid, but I will forever be a lover of the classic, french braid. Especially since one of my favorite actresses when I was younger, Angelina Jolie, rocked the the french braid like no other in Tomb Raider.

I loved how this Fashionista switched up the french braid with one more angle. She put a simple and attainable twist on the classic. This braid being on the side can play so many roles. It is edgy, yet glamorous paired with the right attire. This Fashionista contrasted her structured braid with an easy, but neat look with an airy chiffon shirt, black jeans, ballet flats and an oversized ivory bag. Her look was the epitome of fall 2012 beauty, which is wearable texture and natural ease.

Braids are being manipulated in so many directions. The braid trends have made tremendous changes from braided pigtails we grew up with. But the base of these trends is either the plait or the french braid, and after that upgrading it is all up too you. A plait is achieved first by taking a section of hair and separating it into three strands. Next, cross the right strand over the middle strand, and the left over middle and repeat this as pleased. Simple as that. The french braid is about the same idea, except you're grabbing additional hair with your left and right strands before your cross the middle strand. To achieve the style of this Fashionista, brush all hair to one side, then french braid starting from the top frontal part of head, and then continue behind the ear and over the shoulder. It is suggested to comb through hair first before braiding to avoid tangles. Also a holding stray can be added to keep the braid neat and in place. The key to this trend is that practice makes perfect. Grabbing a friend and watching a few “how to” videos is the perfect way to expand your hair braiding skills.


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