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In my opinion, there’s nothing that works better wonders for college men than a nicely coiffed hairdo. It’s clean, it’s pristine and in today’s case, it’s mean. While the slicked back look of modern times pays homage to hipster culture as well as the nerdy-chic fashion most notably exhibited by character Blaine in Glee, today’s Fashionisto styled his hair with a different kind of crooner in mind: Danny Zuko from famed 1950s musical Grease. And judging from the aviators and Dolce & Gabbana motorcycle jacket that our Fashionisto sported, it’s clear that even today, grease is still the word.

Get the look: Unlike in Grease where not just anyone can join the exclusive gang, you can become a T-Bird easily by simply dressing like one. It’s as easy as slipping into a pair of black pants or dark jeans, throwing on a white T-shirt and topping off the look with a leather jacket. If you want to look extra cool, I’d suggest investing in a pair of Converse high-tops or a metallic watch. Don’t forget your pair of shades (or a comb, if you’d like). Ladies can also pull off the greaser look and add a dash of fire engine red lipstick or a bandana for a pop of rebellious color.

Get the hair: While our Fashionisto’s outfit may be simple, ragged and wild, his hairstyle is artfully sculpted and nothing short of meticulous. To get his coif, ask your hairdresser for a clean cut (or if you want your hair to stand up for dramatic effect, leave it). Run mousse or gel through your hair and make quick, side-sweeping motions to achieve the “swoop” you desire. Use a comb if necessary and make sure there’s no hair out of place and your head doesn’t look too bumpy or lopsided.

Once you have the hair, the devil-may-care. Whether you’re rocking leather, camouflage or denim, you’ll be sure to have passerby sniffing at that “teen rebellion” that you’re giving off oh-so-smoothly.


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