ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: Boots and Buns

All About Beauty

The transformation from warm to chilly weather is becoming more and more apparent. Everywhere I look Fashionistas are opting for more coverage and warmer shoes. The leaves in Florida aren't changing color but hair colors sure are! Darker hair colors are inspiring Fashionistas to take a darker approach in clothing pieces as shown in this lovely ensemble.

This week's Fashionista chose to embrace the dark side of fall with a black top and black leathery leggings. She brightened up her look with a floral high-waisted skirt (also inspired by fall) and velvet combat boots—my fave! Her all natural face is kept clean by pulling her hair up and out of the way in a voluminous bun.

Now, I'm sure we're all familiar with a ballerina bun especially on those unbearably hot lazy days but I think it's time to revamp our buns with a little holiday styling. To get the most out of your hair, I recommend not only volumizing your bun but your entire head! Prep your hair with heat protectant and root mousse. A golf ball size of Big Sexy Hair's Root Pump will lift even the flattest hair. Next, set in large heated rollers evenly spaced throughout your head. The longer you keep them in, the longer your hair will stay volumized. If you're getting ready to go out, now is the perfect time to apply makeup while your hair takes shape with the rollers.

Once you're ready, gently remove all the rollers and brush through your hair with your fingers, continuing to lift any flat sections. For an extra boost, lightly tease the top of your hair and smooth it out with a flat comb as you lift all your hair into a high ponytail. I personally love tying my hair up with velvet scrunchies as they are less damaging than tight plastic hair ties. It's also great if you have fine hair. Once it's all up, simply cover up the scrunchie entirely with your hair and your bun will look twice as big! You could also try to tie it up and wrap your hair around leaving small portions of velvet showing for a tangled, twisted and fall-inspired look.

If you like to keep things simple, any other hair tie will do! Wrap your hair around, pin it with a bobby pin and lightly lift any sleek hair portions for a fluffy, Barbarella-like style. Add a hair bow for a chic detail or just  hairspray and go! 


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