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So we all know that everyone loves long and thick luxurious hair, however short hair is making a comeback. This Fashionista’s hair had a certain bounce to it and really grabbed my attention. Hair is such a great accessory and tribute to who you are; whether you're short and sleek, long and wavy or medium with a little bounce. This Fashionista's hair had such a rich, black color as well. She mentioned that she dyed it black for fall to give her more of a sophisticated look and boy was she right! There are so many amazing dyes that complement skin tones, personalities, you name it! Why not dye your hair in celebration of the season change?

Popstar Miley Cyrus pulled a bold move and chopped all of her hair off! Not to mention she went platinum blonde! Despite the opinion of what most say, changing your hair color or participating in the big chop can really be refreshing and invigorating for you! Other celebs with great cuts include Halle Barry, Anne Hathaway and RIhanna. Ombré hair was such a revolutionary trend for every girl in the summer time so why not dare to be different and try something new? I’m not saying chop all your hair off, but take a chance and ask your hairstylist or close friends what they think would spice up and revamp your look! School just started so why not make everyone’s head turn when you strut down the hallway in your new chic look.

Of course not every cut and color is right for every girl. Take into consideration the shape of your face, your skintone and personal style. For inspiration of haircuts, styles and colors, check out Allure and their hair selection online or in the magazine itself. Cosmopolitan has a great guide to a new look as well as Harper's Bazaar. Also, a lot of hairstylists and regular people have great Tumblrs and Pinterests to give you inspiration.

Popular trends for the fall are wispy bobs, front bangs and choppy layers. Great colors are deep brown, black, burgundys as well as lowlights. It truly doesn't matter what color or cut you choose; as long as you love it and fall in love everytime you look in the mirror, then thats it!

So what will you do this season? Go back to black? Get choppy layers? Or add long beautiful extensions? Whatever you choose to do, do it with confidence and turn heads!


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