ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: Black Is The New Black

All About Beauty

Each season we hear about a variety of colors becoming the “new black.” Well this season we are just going to stick with black and be happy about it.  Think of your favorite fashion icon. From Coco Chanel to Audrey Hepburn, we see them all sporting this particular hue. To get right down to it, the color is iconic and classy. Obviously, this Fashionista has gotten the memo about the classic trend and has even gone as far as dying her hair to match it. In general, many people have a fear of dying their hair, especially black. I highly recommend having a professional dye your hair to get the correct shade you are looking for. With the right cut that enhances your personal style, anyone can pull off black hair. Beware of fading and keep up on retouching your roots. If you are lucky, like this Fashionista, you could fade gracefully and your faded color could be just as pretty as black.

This Fashionista chose to wear black pants matched with an oversized knit cardigan. Oversized knitwear is a must this season, as it can be seen trending all over campus. Another trend we can see this fall is the incorporation of leather—real or fake—into ensembles. There are various ways to add leather to your outfits, such as a vest or a handbag. This Fashionista chose to pair her outfit with leather boots, black of course. Her black scarf pulls her outfit together flawlessly. If you are a person that must have color, I would suggest a colored handbag. Other than that, stick to black if you are going for a classy iconic look. 

If Coco or Audrey were to see this Fashionista, I have a feeling they would be ecstatic to see her dressed in the classic color. This has us all wondering, could this Fashionista be the next fashion icon?


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