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Summer and fall are two completely different seasons. Summer consists of beach days associated with pastels and florals while fall makes one think of hitting the books in dark knits and flannels. From June through August you can lounge around in sundresses and sip on cold drinks, but from September through December it’s time to bundle up and invest in hot mochas from Starbucks. Summer and fall are like a pair of siblings who can’t get along because their personalities clash all the time. So it came as a surprise for me when I spotted this Fashionista embodying both aspects of summer and fall (in her clothes and her hair); she had the best of both worlds.

Get the hair: Our Fashionista has long, romantic locks reminiscent of the good old summer days, but what really sets the balance between fall and summer is her nicely done ombré hair. First section off your hair depending on how much length you want to dye (I suggest splitting half-and-half to create an even balance). Opt to dye the top half of your hair a sleek black or rich dark brown for a sophisticated, autumn feel, and then dye the bottom half chestnut or even bleach it for a sunkissed look. Now your hair color is on point in both summer and fall fashion trends.

Get the look: If it’s a relatively sunny day out (which is every day in Southern California) or if you’re dressed up for an important dinner or meeting, a sundress and wedges can add that sunshine in your life. Extra points if your dress is patterned with bright flowers like our Fashionista’s dress. To throw in some autumn, cover up with a structured blazer or a dark leather belt. If you’re on the East Coast and a dress it out of the question, you can still achieve that seasonal duality: a bundled-up outfit will look great paired with a bright pastel scarf or any other vivid accessory, for that matter.

The next time you’re having trouble deciding whether your new blouse is too “summery” for the cold weather, don’t fret: don something more appropriate like a cardigan over it and if it looks nice, there’s no rule saying all juxtapositions are bad.


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