ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: All Hail The Fishtail

All About Beauty

As I’ve mentioned before, my hair has always been long. When I was younger my mom bought a how-to book about braids, hoping to perfect the art of braiding on her daughter. Unfortunately for her, I was entirely too energetic to sit still long enough for her to practice. Braiding is an art form that takes on many forms. Whether it is a braided headband, braided pigtails, delicate tiny braids weaved into an updo or just a basic braid, they add a certain element to an outfit.

Usually when I spot a Fashionista I see her from the front—that wasn’t the case this week. My eyes immediately fixated on this Fashionista’s intricate fishtail braid that fell down her back. The tightly woven locks help polish her look while also adding a fun element. This type of braid adds a textural component to her outfit, which plays off of the texture from her black and gray sweater. Leaving the top of her hairstyle loose complements the overall laidback feel of her ensemble, as does her natural makeup. She wears black skinny jeans tucked into a chic pair of black boots and drapes a primer gray scarf around her neck as a final touch. Her robin's egg blue nails add the perfect pop of color while her oversized watch and layered bracelets add a touch of glam.

Fishtail braids are easy to do once you learn how to do them. After mastering the art of the fishtail (I suggest watching how-to videos for a visual), you can create different variations depending on your desired look. For a beachy vibe, loosely weave your hair into a fishtail and secure it with a hair tie, leaving out a few face-framing strands. Next, gently pull the two sections apart to loosen locks. If you want a polished and sophisticated look, tightly weave locks together like this Fashionista. Fishtail braids are a fun and interesting way to keep hair out of your face while exuding a chic sense of style.


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