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Along with the red lip, the cat eye is one of the most classic beauty tricks that dates all the way back to ancient Egypt. This timeless look is known for being worn by style icons such as Brigitte Bardot and Sophia Loren. This favorite feline style helps to enhance the eyes and creates a sensual look. The best part is that the look is very versatile and also helps to accentuate any eye shape, making eyelashes look thicker as well as longer. Another outstanding feature of the cat eye is it can be worn casually or made to look sexy for a night out on the town. This gorgeous Fashionista paired her cat eye with a slouchy neutral sweater, black jeans and a covered wedge heel. She enhanced her fierce cat eye with feminine waves that pulled together her look wonderfully.

To achieve this look first use an angled brush for precise application and better blending. A fabulous angled brush to consider is the Classic Angled Brush from Sephora.  To begin, start with a thin line from your inner corner of the eye and gradually increase the thickness of the eyeliner as you move towards the outer corner of the eye. As you approach the outer corner of the eye move slightly in an upward direction to create the wing or the cat eye effect. Although it can be difficult to make a perfect cat eye, the more you practice, the more perfect and flawless the eyeliner will be applied. This feline look is very attractive and can be styled subtly or more obviously depending on each person's preferences. The cat eye is a look that any Fashionista should master so they can have it in their bag of makeup tricks.


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