ALL IN THE DETAILS: White Collar Chic

All In The Details

Originally, button-ups—more often simple, plain, white button-ups—were for businessmen, private school kids or just well, straight-up nerds! However, this garment has undergone some major PR work and is now one of the most chic items in your closet.

It began with the collar “thing,” which I am sure you all remember. Wearing collars under crewneck sweatshirts and such, it even came to the point where retailers were selling just collars as necklaces to wear and make it look as though you had a full length shirt on underneath.
But now as temperatures are increasing, a button-up is a great go-to item that will keep you cool and stylish all summer long.

This specific Fashionista was spotted while at Make Music Pasadena and I immediately admired the simplicity of her outfit. Now I know what you’re thinking, how can there be much detail in such a simple outfit? But that truly is the beauty of it! Each choice is a detail in and of it self because of the simplicity. When you are only wearing a certain basic amount of colors, or not overwhelming your outfit with layers, each piece becomes more important than ever.

A few of these choices can be seen in the navy blue Paul Smith felt sunhat, the vintage satchel-like side bag, the Fashionista’s simple black cropped skinny jeans and her amazing choice in footwear; patent leather, pointed toe, sleek black oxfords.

The detail that I chose to focus on, is her white button-up. Now there are plenty of ways to wear a button-up; short sleeve, long sleeve, sleeves rolled, oversized, fitted, opened or closed. This Fashionista, wore hers with the top button open, sleeves rolled—but not too high—in an oversized/relaxed fit. The subtle choices are my favorite. The overall message that the small details communicate is a Fashionista who wants to be comfortable but still look chic and laid back.

How To: Oversized/relaxed fit button-ups can occasionally be difficult to find if you don’t have a dad or brother just a few sizes larger than you that you can steal one from. But, if you’re willing to put in the work, this will end up being a key piece in your wardrobe that you will wear time after time.

Don’t pass up checking thrift stores (like this Fashionista did), check not only in the Women’s but Men’s sections as well. Even if you find one at a store in the mall that is supposed to be fitted, perhaps try it on one or two sizes larger to get the look you want.

The perfect oversized button-up will hit right at around the top third of your thigh and wont be too spacious in the arms.

After you’ve found the perfect one for you, it is all up to you how you style it!


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