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Whether you’re dressing up or down, choosing a print to center an outfit around is never a bad idea, especially tribal print! With more and more styles of tribal print popping up throughout the stores, you are bound to see it on the streets this summer.

While enjoying a day of 90-degree weather in Ohio, this Fashionista was spotted bringing out the girly side of tribal print. Her skirt has an intricate print filled with triangles and different patterns that emerge every time you move your eyes. The tan and black provides an easy and neutral color palette to work with throughout the entire outfit. The black crop top, while not drawing too much attention away from the skirt, is a simple yet perfect choice.

Her statement necklace is a great way to continue to incorporate tribal print into the outfit. While matching the tan color scheme, the different shapes play off of the triangles in the skirt. Because of the gold outlines around the jewels, the necklace does a great job of pulling the entire outfit together when it’s placed against the solid black crop top. When looking at the Fashionista’s entire outfit, the shoes show another easy and simple way to work with the print. While matching the tan and black of the outfit, the straight gold bar down the middle of her shoes is another way to complement the tribal print. Using a straight line to go off of the lines within the skirt is an awesome choice!

How To: Are you curious about trying out tribal print but aren’t sure how to do it? No worries! Start with a piece of clothing that features the print, like these shorts or this dress, and go from there. If you go with patterned bottoms, keep the shirt simple. When picking your shoes, match the colors in your outfit but also keep them simple simple. Because of the crazy print and the high neckline on the dress, a headband would be a nice accessory to wear with it. While being small enough to not overpower the look, this headband is a great way to match the pattern in the dress without overdoing it!


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