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Break out your favorite hat for the summer! I’ve always wanted to get into wearing hats and I envied women who have no trouble styling them. Because I’m clumsy with accessories, I believe a gust of wind would blow a hat right off of my head and send me running after it. Wide-brimmed, straw hats specifically remind me of visiting the rural parts of the Philippines when I was a kid. They wore them to primarily protect themselves from the sun but here, straw hats can take different forms to give off different looks.

This Fashionista kept her outfit monochromatic with tones of black and dark gray. Keeping your outfit monochromatic is foolproof because I think black, white and gray complement any skin tone. This Fashionista chose to wear a black bodycon dress with a white, speckled pattern that compliments her figure. This kind of dress is versatile enough to wear for shopping in the afternoon and getting drinks with friends at night.

This Fashionista is wearing a black Panama hat. Because it is black and you can’t tell from afar that it is made of straw, this hat can look chic with liquid leggings and a formal top. This Fashionista chose a black cross-body bag with a buckle that is also similar to her boots. Delicate necklaces have become popular this year. Because she has accessories that catch our eye, these necklaces don’t distract us from her bold pieces. Her choker and boots are perfect accessories to use for this outfit and give that grunge look. These buckled boots are great to wear with any black or monochromatic dress. Her overall look gives off a bohemian-grunge vibe that I admire even in the summer.

How to: Choose a monochromatic bodycon dress that is basic enough to accessorize to fit a daytime or nighttime outfit. Then find a black Panama hat and simple necklaces. Finally, find a black cross-body bag that match the color of your necklaces and you’re ready to go!


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