ALL IN THE DETAILS: Stop! Harem Time!

All In The Details

There is no doubt that Mother Nature is a bit confused out in the Midwest. We seem to be getting a few hot days – humidity tends to never leave on some – and lately, a chilly breeze is upon us. This can be a bit of a problem for a Fashionista; we are not able to plan our outfits accordingly. Luckily, some staple pieces can go a long way when Mother Nature is simply not cooperating.

Let’s talk pants. I spotted this Fashionista out and about and I instantly knew I had to share her pants with my dear readers. Her harem pants blew my mind away. Although the pattern on its own might intimate a few (think survival of the fittest in the fashion world), she did not even think twice about them. She wore them with no doubt in mind and we can’t blame her. They are light enough to wear on a hot summer day, but also warm enough for those breezy summer nights. Not to mention, they stand out from the standard summer outfit. This makes harem pants the perfect go-to in every aspect. Because of the pattern, they can easily be a paired with a solid crop top, and not only will you have a fashionable, trendy outfit, but you will also be comfortable. Again, comfort is a must when humidity strikes.

Truthfully, I am never brave enough to mix patterns. This Fashionista, however, does it well. She matches her colorful, patterned clutch with her harem pants for the perfect eye-catching effect; it is not too overwhelming for the eye, yet it definitely grabs the eye’s attention. So whether you find a pair with a pattern to die for or you just want that comfort, harem pants are a must for your closet this season.

How To: If you are going for a trendy look yet want to stay classy, try a pair of harem pants with a simple pattern. Keep the minimalist, classic look with a pair of neutral flats and a fedora. Don’t forget to add your favorite pair of sunglasses!


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