ALL IN THE DETAILS: Secret Statements

All In The Details

All of you Fashionistas going to Bonnaroo, this one is for you! Festivals have been stealing the fashion spotlight for seasons—in a good way, of course! For the rest of us who will be there in spirit, we still like to dress the part.

As someone who adores vintage hats, spotting this gal was no trouble. To my surprise, I noticed she had a few other secretive, stylish statements. Round sunglasses are my second most adored statement piece. Her peachy nude frames reminded me of Gucci’s spring/summer 2014 runway show. Following those, her dainty nose rings were unique and tasteful, while her Neuvo timepiece was sporty-chic.

So by now I’m sure you’re waiting to read about her not so obvious statements, and I am getting there. As a culturally and spiritually connected trendsetter, her tattoos were thoughtfully placed and designed. The two finger tattoos represent a crescent moon, which symbolizes her special bond with her sister and their dependability on one another. The tattoo of waves represent her love for the ocean, and the three rip curls represent her mother, father and sister.

Moving to her upper back, she has her full name scripted horizontally in Farsi reminiscent of her roots. On her left side, she has the evil eye, although contradictory to its name, it is far from evil. It is meant to protect those from evil spirits and bad luck. Her tattoo is meant to look like a human eye, although it is not, but it is in fact a special and watchful one. The color schemes of her tattoos are subtle and chic. They match well with almost everything, especially her outfit pictured. She keeps it summer fresh in her white flowy tank and soft yellow bralette. Bralettes, once again, have proved to be a must-have, and following right behind those, high-waisted shorts are here to stay!

Permanence comes to mind when thinking of body ink, but the personal meanings behind the vision can powerfully justify the final decision. Tattoos are creative collections made up of events and inspirations that remind you of good times, good places and good memories.

How To: If a tattoo is something you’ve been wanting for a while but are not ready to take the plunge, try out a Henna design and see if it’s something you will want forever!



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