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Everyone could use a little more simplicity in their lives and why should that exclude their wardrobes? With school, work, hobbies and relationships, we all lead hectic enough lives without stressing about what we’re going to wear each day. This is one reason why rompers are a perfect solution. It’s a piece that creates an entire outfit in itself — just throw it on, add shoes and you’re ready to go! It’s ideal for any busy student who wants to be ready quickly to start their jam-packed day. As well as keeping it simple, this piece leaves plenty of room for individuality and wearing what makes you feel good.

This Fashionista kept it simple while making a statement with bold colors and decorative patterns. She matched the black outlining of the romper well with her gladiator sandals. An easy and unique look for summertime, you would be the talk of campus (or anywhere, really) in this matchless piece. Rompers have the charm of a dress or skirt, but give you the same peace of mind and freedom of wearing a pair of shorts.

How to: If you want to achieve this look for yourself, most shops have quite the selection of rompers and jumpsuits to choose from. You may be the type of person who feels more comfortable in neutral colors, which makes this romper from H&M a great option. Perhaps you find yourself drawn to patterns or bright colors, such as the ones exhibited in this playsuit. Either way, there are countless options when it comes to picking the style and color of your choice. If you live in an area that tends to be more on the chilly side, pairing a cardigan or blazer with your romper could instantly change up your look and keep you warm, of course. After all, comfort and ease are just as important as style.


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